Lamanai Eco Tours Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your purchase will initiate a reservation process and charges are made to Lamanai Eco Tours for your purchase. The cancellation fee policy will take effect on payment for your reservation.

  • All tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person failing to appear on the day of the tour shall not be refunded.
  • Please note that cancellation fees are calculated based on the date we receive your signed Cancellation Request Form and tour date, view cancellation details below.
  • No refund shall be given for any portions of the tour unused by the customer after tour departure regardless of circumstances.
  • We will process your cancellation/refund request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge voice mail or email cancellations.
  • Cancellation must be made by filling out and signing the Cancellation Request Form.
  • Lamanai Eco Tours is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the Client may have incurred as a result of the cancelled booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, non-refundable car parking or other fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment, etc.


Cancellation Table/Details

Cancellation Made Within

7 to 3 Days Prior to Departure Date                             85% of Total
2 Days Prior to Departure Date                                    75% of Total


Lamanai Eco Tours guarantees all scheduled tour departures that have been booked by a Client shall depart as scheduled. A departure shall become guaranteed once at least Five Clients have a confirmed booking upon it (secure via a valid full payment). This guarantee is not applicable in Force Majeure situations, as herein defined.

If a tour is cancelled by Lamanai Eco Tours before the agreed date of departure for reasons not arising from Force Majeure the Client shall have the choice of:

Accept from Lamanai Eco Tours a full refund of all monies paid for the cancelled tour.


Any delay or failure in the performance by Lamanai Eco Tours hereunder shall be excused if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of a Force Majeure. For purposes of this policy, Force Majeure shall mean a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Party claiming Force Majeure, including acts of God, weather, fires, floods, explosions, riots, wars, hurricane, sabotage terrorism, vandalism. accident, restraint of government, governmental acts, injunctions, labor strikes, other than those of Seller or its suppliers, that prevent Seller from furnishing the materials or equipment, and other like events that are beyond the reasonable anticipation and control of the Party affected thereby, despite such Party’s reasonable efforts to prevent, avoid, delay, or mitigate the effect of such acts, events or occurrences, and which events or the effects thereof are not attributable to a Party’s failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement.